Governor Mike DeWine Press Conference 4/17/2020:

*8,858 confirmed cases; 9,107 total. 2,424 hospitalized; 740 ICU patients. 401 confirmed deaths, 418 total. 87 counties. 77,677 people tested.

From Gov. DeWine:
-Dr. Acton won the Spirit of Columbus Award.
-As we open back up: There is no substitute for distance. Surfaces will be sanitized, and gloves worn. Staggered arrivals and lunch. Limited numbers of people allowed in. Testing will evolve.
-Still assume everyone has COVID-19.
-Ohio’s restart will be for Ohioans, by Ohioans.

From Gov. Husted:
-Restart plan will be delivered before May 1. Roles and expectations will be clear.
-COVID will be with us for a while and we need to learn to live with it safely. No matter the date, COVID is still very dangerous.

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